Thermalshield SC33™

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Thermalshield SC33™

Superior performance double glazing

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Why compromise on efficiency? Embrace the future with Thermalshield SC33

Experience the epitome of comfort and well-being with Thermalshield SC33™. Embracing the philosophy that natural light is the cornerstone of a harmonious living environment, Thermalshield SC33 redefines the way we interact with our surroundings.

With the remarkable capability to amplify window sizes by up to four times without compromising energy efficiency ratings, Thermalshield SC33™ invites the outside world to gracefully merge with your indoor space.

Through the careful crafting and incorporation of a custom-designed coating, Thermalshield SC33 achieves a seamless control over heat, light, and energy efficiency.

Complementing this innovation, its double glazing units demonstrate exceptional expertise in regulating heat transfer, thus maintaining your home’s thermal equilibrium in diverse external conditions.

Product Applications

  • External Facade
  • Climate Control
  • Windows
  • Door Panels

Thermalshield SC33™ Glass Performance

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ColourThicknessLight TransReflect OutReflect InU-ValueSHGCSelectivity
Clear/6.38 Clear6+12+6.387912131.370.571.39

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