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Superior performance single glazing

Embrace the elements in comfort

Sunergy Glass is known for its modern transparency, achieved by combining low-reflection coatings with a variety of coloured glass. This range of solar control glass offers excellent control over sunlight, keeps interiors thermally insulated, and minimises glare. Its innovative technology enhances both aesthetics and functionality, making Sunergy Glass a versatile choice for architectural design and energy efficiency.

Product Benefits

Strength & durability

Increased Strength

Sunergy Glass can be toughened, making it up to 5 times stronger than annealed glass, ensuring enhanced durability and safety.


Transparent Coating

Sunergy Glass features a thin, virtually invisible low-E coating, offering solar and thermal control while allowing ample natural daylight transmission.

Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

By reducing summer heat gain and winter heat loss, Sunergy Glass improves SHGC and U-values, resulting in lower heating and cooling energy costs.

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Durable and Low Reflective

The coating on Sunergy Glass is both long-lasting and low-reflective, ensuring a sleek appearance and maintaining performance over time.

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UV Reduction

Sunergy Glass reduces harmful UV rays, providing protection and maintaining a safer indoor environment.

Product Applications

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Facades

Sunergy™ Performance

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