Planibel G™

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Planibel G™

Planibel G™ is an industry leading Low-E product, dedicated to improving your thermal performance.

Toughened glass

Want industry leading thermal control?

Planibel G™ is a low-emissivity coated glass that can be used as monolithic single glass, double glazing and laminated glass. A high light transmission with good thermal insulation can be used for either buildings or appliances. Thanks to its pyrolytic production technology, Planibel G™ has high scratch resistance and unlimited shelf life.

Product Benefits

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Energy Efficiency

Experience significant reduction in energy consumption and lower energy bills. Planibel G’s advanced low-emissivity (Low-E) coating blocks excess heat during summer and minimises heat loss during winter, creating an optimal indoor climate year-round. 

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Thermal Insulation

Enjoy improved thermal insulation properties that keep your living or working spaces comfortable and cozy. Planibel G effectively regulates temperature, preventing temperature fluctuations and enhancing overall comfort. 

Solar control

Solar Control

Say goodbye to glare and excessive heat. Planibel G Glass provides superior solar control, minimizing the impact of direct sunlight and creating a more comfortable environment with reduced reliance on air conditioning. 

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Strength and Durability

Reinforced through toughening, Planibel G Glass offers exceptional strength, surpassing traditional annealed glass by a remarkable 4 times (when toughened). This fortification enhances resistance to impacts and breakages, ensuring safety and security. 

Product Applications

  • Home and Residential
  • Office Spaces
  • Retrofit and Replacement
  • Double Glazing

Planibel G Performance

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