Pattern Glass

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Pattern Glass

Textured glass designed for areas requiring both illumination and seclusion

Can privacy and natural light truly coexist?

Patterned glass offers a versatile solution for spaces that require both ample natural light and a degree of privacy. Whether you’re enhancing your home or office, our collection of patterned glass provides an affordable way to illuminate a room while maintaining the desired level of seclusion.

With a diverse selection of styles and effects to choose from, you can transform the ambiance of any environment. These patterns cater to various aesthetics, ranging from contemporary facades to traditional interior spaces, allowing you to customise the ideal appearance for your setting.

Product Benefits



Pattern glass can obscure visibility while still allowing light to pass through, making it an excellent choice for areas where privacy is desired.

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Aesthetic Appeal

Available in a wide range of designs, patterns and textures offering unique aesthetic options enhancing the visual appeal of a space.

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Patterned glass can be used in a wide range of applications including windows, doors, shower enclosures or cabinet doors.

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Once toughened, pattern glass becomes 5x stronger than ordinary glass and complies with relevant Australian standards AS/NZ 2208.

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Reduced Glare

The textured surface of pattern glass helps to reduce glare from direct sunlight/artificial lighting, creating a more comfortable environment.

Acid Etch

Discover the beauty within; unveil the hidden elegance

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Cathedral Aqualite

Captivating beauty in glass, illuminating spaces with an aura of timeless grace

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Where tradition unites with artistry in every detail

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Georgian Wire Cast

Where artistry weaves a tapestry of sophistication

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Transforming ordinary into extraordinary

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Embrace the timeless beauty of textured elegance, elevating spaces with a touch of perfection

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Kosciusco Oceanic

Dive into a sea of opulence, where glass reflects the majestic depths of oceanic splendour

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Where glass transcends the imagination; Embrace the extraordinary in design and beauty!

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Satinlite Mistlite

Unveiling the serene radiance of translucent elegance, elevating every environment

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Experience the serene symphony of refreshing elegance

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Spotswood Nashiji

Embrace the subtle artistry, elevating spaces with a captivating blend of elegance and tranquillity

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Product Applications

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Shower Enclosures
  • Partitions
  • Furniture