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The ultimate mirror splashback solution

Modern kitchen with fresh aesthetic

Looking for the perfect splashback?

Mirrorshield is an advanced reflective solution that combines exceptional reflectivity with durability. Standing out for its ability to reflect and enhance ambient light, creating a bright and vibrant atmosphere. Designed to withstand wear and tear, Mirrorshield is a reliable option for various applications. Mirrorshield can be easily customised to fit different needs and is available in three attractive options: Grey, Bright, and Bronze.

Let us introduce you to the three captivating options available:

Mirrorshield Grey

Mirrorshield™ Grey

  • Immerse yourself in the elegance of the Mirrorshield Grey, featuring a captivating grey tint.
  • Transform your space with a sleek and contemporary ambiance in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • The grey mirror adds a touch of modern sophistication, creating a stylish backdrop for any design style.
Mirrorshield Bronze

Mirrorshield™ Bronze

  • Indulge in the richness of Mirrorshield Bronze, showcasing a captivating bronze tint.
  • Infuse your living spaces with warmth and opulence.
  • Elevate the luxurious appeal of your kitchen or feature wall.
Mirrorshield Bright

Mirrorshield Bright™

  • Enjoy the timeless elegance of a clear, highly reflective surface.
  • Creates a sense of spaciousness, ideal for smaller areas.
  • Versatile and seamlessly blends with any interior design scheme.

Product Benefits

Strength & durability

Toughenable Glass

Mirrorshield™ is five times stronger than annealed glass, offering exceptional durability and resistance to impact. 


Safe and Reliable

If toughened, Mirrorshield™ complies with relevant Australian standards AS/NZ 2208, ensuring a secure and reliable product for your space.

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Easy to Clean

Simply wipe away splashes and stains for a sparkling, pristine surface.

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Mirrorshield splashbacks can be precisely customised with a range of processing options accommodating fixtures and outlets, ensuring a flawless integration with your spaces functional needs.

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Aesthetic Appeal

Mirrorshield splashbacks amplify natural and artificial light, creating an expansive to your space.

Product Applications

  • Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Feature Walls

Mirrorshield Options