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Acoustic Laminated Glass

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Tranquility through acoustic excellence.

Hush™ glass is a groundbreaking solution that transforms your living and working spaces into peaceful havens by effectively mitigating outside noise.

Hush™ glass is designed with a specialised interlayer to reduce sound transmission while maintaining clarity and aesthetics.

Whether you seek to enjoy a serene home environment, create soundproof office spaces, or elevate your commercial property’s acoustic performance, acoustic glass is the key.

Experience the luxury of tranquility without sacrificing the view and natural light you love.

Product Benefits

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UV radiation protection

Hush™ boasts an embedded interlayer that filters a large majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays, safeguarding interiors.

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Acoustic control

Reduces noise by up to 34% when compared to ordinary glass.

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A Grade safety glass

Hush™ is a A-Grade safety glass in accordance with AS2208, making it suitable for applications where human impact is of a concern.

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Hush™ demonstrates remarkable versatility, serving a wide range of applications in both commercial and residential environments, with exceptional value for structures located in noisy surroundings.

Product applications

  • Commercial and residential spaces
  • Buildings located in high noise area

Available options

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