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Insulating acoustic laminated glass

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Harness the Power of Acoustics and Efficiency with ComfortHush™

Step into a world of serenity with ComfortHush™ – an innovative solution to reclaim tranquility in the midst of urban uproar. Be captivated as this ingenious glass not only hushes the clamor of the outside world but also extends an energy-efficient embrace.

Product Benefits

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Environmentally Sustainable

Comfort Hush glass promotes environmental responsibility by substantially lowering energy usage and reducing carbon emissions, aligning with eco-friendly building practices.

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Acoustic Control

Reduces noise by up to 34% when compared to ordinary glass.

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Improved Thermal Control

Experience enhanced comfort with Comfort Hush, featuring a specialised Low-E coating that significantly elevates the thermal efficiency of your glass. This innovations enables you to enjoy larger windows while meeting your BASIX requirements.

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A Grade Safety Glass

Comfort Hush is a A-Grade safety glass in accordance with AS2208, making it suitable for applications where human impact is of a concern.

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UV Radiation Protection

Comfort Hush boasts an interlayer that filters a large majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays, safeguarding interiors.

Product Applications

  • Residential and Commercial Windows
  • Healthcare Facilities

ComfortHush™ Glass Performance

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