Thermalshield HC37™

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Thermalshield HC37™

High performance double glazing

Thermalshield HC37: Where innovation and efficiency converge

Thermalshield HC37 stands as an advanced solution in thermal insulation, boasting a Low-E double glazed unit excelling in enhancing energy efficiency. This innovation goes beyond traditional double glazing, offering heightened thermal reflectivity for optimal insulation.

With its adaptable nature, Thermalshield HC37 can be paired with a diverse selection of glass products, granting a spectrum of choices to align with specific performance requirements.

Whether for residential or commercial applications, Thermalshield HC37 redefines the standard for energy-efficient glazing, promoting sustainability and comfort in equal measure.

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Amplified Natural Light

Enhance your living space with Thermalshield HC37, creating larger window areas that invite ample natural light and showcase expansive views.

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Energy Efficiency

Thermalshield HC37 is designed to improve energy efficiency in buildings.

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Thermal Control

Exceptional insulation properties, Thermalshield HC37 offers up to 71% better insulation compared to ordinary glass (4/12/4 clear float) ensuring a remarkably comfortable home year-round.

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Year Round Comfort

Thermalshield HC37 excels in insulation, effectively minimising the exchange of hot or cold air through windows, resulting in a cooler interior during summer and a cosier atmosphere in winter.

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Increased Strength

By toughening Thermalshield HC37, its strength can be increased by 5x times compared to ordinary glass.

Product Applications

  • Home and residential
  • Office spaces
  • Retrofit and replacement
  • Double glazing

Thermalshield HC37™ Glass Performance

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ColourThicknessLight TransU-ValueSHGC
Clear / Clear4+12+4751.60.73
Clear / Grey4+12+4461.60.50
Clear / 6.38 Clear6+12+6.38731.60.67

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