EnergyTech™ & SolTech™

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EnergyTech™ & SolTech™

Performance single glazing – available in a range of tones for flexible solar control.

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Craving guilt-free natural light and year-round comfort?

Discover the perfect harmony of abundant natural light and optimal temperature control with our exceptional EnergyTech™ and SolTech™ range.

Crafted to perfection for the unique Australian conditions, these cutting-edge products redefine the way you experience your space. Experience the delight of basking in the radiance of natural light while relishing in a comfortably cool ambiance during the hottest summers and a delightfully warm haven throughout the coldest winters.

Elevate your space with the ultimate blend of comfort and luminous beauty, as you unlock the true potential of seamless indoor living.

Product Benefits

Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Experience significant reduction in energy consumption and lower energy bills.


Thermal Insulation

Enjoy improved thermal insulation properties that keep your living or working spaces comfortable and cozy. 

Solar control

Solar Control

EnergyTech™ Glass provides superior solar control, minimising the impact of direct sunlight and creating a more comfortable environment with reduced reliance on air conditioning.

Strength & durability

Strength and Durability

Reinforced through toughening, EnergyTech™ Glass offers exceptional strength, surpassing traditional annealed glass by a remarkable 5 times (when toughened). 

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Environmentally Sustainable

EnergyTech glass promotes environmental responsibility by substantially lowering energy usage and reducing carbon emissions, aligning with eco-friendly building practices

Product Applications

  • Residential Windows
  • Shop Fronts
  • Interior Spaces
  • Commercial Buildings

EnergyTech™ Options

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EnergyTech Clear
EnergyTech Grey
Soltech Neutral
Soltech Grey

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EnergyTech™ Performance

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ColourThicknessLight TransReflect OutReflect InU-ValueSHGCSelectivity
EnergyTech Clear4mm8311113.70.721.15
EnergyTech Grey4mm50793.70.540.93
Soltech Neutral 4mm618103.70.541.13
Soltech Grey6mm30683.70.370.81

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