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EnduroShield is a protective coating specifically designed for glass surfaces. It creates a transparent, durable barrier that repels water, oil, and dirt. By applying EnduroShield to glass, you can enjoy the benefits of easier cleaning and maintenance.


The ultimate low-maintenance coating

The EnduroShield coating helps prevent the buildup of contaminants, such as soap scum or hard water stains, and reduces the need for harsh chemicals during cleaning.

EnduroShield can be applied to various types of glass, including shower glass, windows, and glass doors, providing long-lasting protection and enhancing the clarity and appearance of the glass.

Product Benefits

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Repels water, oil and dirt

The coating creates a hydrophobic and oleophobic surface, preventing water droplets, oils, and dirt from adhering to the glass.

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Long lasting performance

When properly applied and maintained, EnduroShield provides durable protection that can last for several years.

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Prevents staining and etching

EnduroShield helps guard against staining and etching caused by hard water, soap scum, and other corrosive substances.

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Reduces cleaning frequency

With the protective barrier in place, glass surfaces stay cleaner for longer, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

10 year warranty

10 year warranty

Highly durable coating with a 10-year performance warranty, supported by independent testing from TUV Rheinland in Germany

Product applications

  • Glass showers
  • Balustrades
  • Display cabinets
  • Mirrors
  • Exterior facing glass